Information and guidance

ADI Accreditation Board

The ADI Accreditation Board is composed of representatives from Alzheimer’s and dementia organisations across the globe. These international representatives are key personnel in the area of dementia care, as well as the education programmes around dementia care.

Members of the ADI Accreditation Board have been appointed by ADI’s Chief Executive Paola Barbarino and the ADI Board.

The Accreditation Board meets four times a year, or more frequently if requested, where reports are considered, reviewed and approved. The board is also responsible for approving revisions and updates to accreditation standards, as advised by the Regional Expert Panel, following the input, consultation and proposals received from key personnel working in the area of dementia care and dementia care education.

The ADI Accreditation Board is responsible for making the final decision to accredit the organisations and training bodies that have made a clear demonstration of having met the required standards for ADI accreditation.

The awarding of ADI accreditation is considered a mark of excellence in the area of Dementia Care and Dementia Care Training.

Regional Expert Panel (REP) 

The ADI Regional Expert Panel (REP) is made up of local and regional experts in the areas of dementia care and dementia education. Members of the REP are approved by the ADI Accreditation Board.

Members of the REP will typically receive an evaluation report approximately one month in advance of an organisation’s review visit in order to prepare themselves adequately and have familiarity with the contents of the report. The self-assessment report serves as a basis for the assessment of standards analysis against the ADI standards during the accreditation visit.

The self-assessment report by the applying organisation or training body should be sufficiently extensive so as to provide an evaluation of the organisation or training body that helps the REP make a well informed decision on award accreditation. It also serves the provider in receiving useful feedback and guidance.

The local reviewers on the REP will be familiar with the local health care and dementia are environment, as well as any local and national educational contexts. The local reviewer, or another member of the team, will normally speak the language of the apply organisation’s country.