World Alzheimer’s Month

World Alzheimer's Month is the international campaign from Alzheimer's Disease International that takes place every September.

Each September, people unite from all corners of the world to raise awareness and to challenge the stigma that persists around Alzheimer’s disease and all types of dementia.

During World Alzheimer’s Month, we call on everyone, from individuals to large organisations, including every Alzheimer and dementia association globally, to support World Alzheimer’s Month by getting involved.   
As outlined in our World Alzheimer Report 2019, many people still wrongly believe that dementia is a part of normal ageing. This alone highlights how important public awareness campaigns, like World Alzheimer’s Month, are for changing perceptions and increasing existing public knowledge around Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.   
The 2024 World Alzheimer’s Month campaign will centre around the taglines ‘Time to act on dementia, Time to act on Alzheimer’s’. The global awareness raising campaign focusses on attitudes toward dementia and seeks to redress stigma and discrimination which still exists around the condition, while highlighting the positive steps being undertaken by organisations and governments globally to develop a more dementia friendly society.

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World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alzheimer’s Day takes place during World Alzheimer’s Month and is on 21 September every year.
In the build up to, and on the day of, many Alzheimer and dementia associations around the world host memory walks, fundraisers, awareness raising activities and campaigns to bring attention towards those in their community that are affected by Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia.  
Since COVID-19, many associations, including ADI members, host events and activities virtually. These activities include webinars, remote memory walks and more.  
Each World Alzheimer’s Day, ADI releases its annual World Alzheimer Report. Like this year’s campaign theme, the 2022 report will centre around post-diagnosis.

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Support us during World Alzheimer's Month

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Getting involved

There are many ways to get involved with World Alzheimer’s Month, whether it be sharing messages on social media, attending events put on by your national association or fundraising. No action is too small. 

Each September, we call on everyone, from individuals to large organisations, including every Alzheimer’s and dementia association globally, to support World Alzheimer’s Month by getting involved and sharing our messages on social media.

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