Capacity building

ADI works to empower our member associations by facilitating knowledge exchange and providing training, information and support.

ADI supports existing members and emerging Alzheimer and dementia associations to develop and strengthen as organisations.

Our aim is to provide our members access to detailed information, knowledge and support so that they have the ability to deliver their missions effectively now and in the future.

Each of our members is a non-profit Alzheimer association working to raise awareness and to offer care and support for people living with dementia and their care partners.

We deliver a range of activities to further the development of our members’ capacity including the Alzheimer University and the Twinning Programme. Our activities also serve to coordinate international policy efforts and share knowledge.

Find out more about our member activities

Alzheimer University

The Alzheimer University is a series of workshops for national Alzheimer associations, with the aim of giving participants the tools to identify an association's aims, provide information, raise money and awareness, and more. Read More

Twinning programme

Our role is to connect ADI members to enable the most effective sharing of good practice. The Twinning programme offers a unique development opportunity for members. Read More

Our members

ADI is made up of 105 members from around the world, each a non-profit organisation that works to support people affected by dementia, as well as their carers and families. Read More