Reports & resources

Reports, publications and resources that Alzheimer's Disease International has produced, including our World Alzheimer Report. You can also find our webinars, factsheets, booklets and previous Global Perspective newsletters here.

World Alzheimer Report 2021

Journey to a Diagnosis of Dementia

The World Alzheimer Report 2021, to be published in September 2021, will focus on the crucial topic of diagnosis.

From Plan to Impact IV

Progress towards targets of the WHO Global action plan on dementia

This is the fourth From Plan to Impact report. It provides a crucial update on the World Health Organization (WHO)'s Global action plan on the public health response to dementia 2017-2025.

Numbers of people with dementia worldwide

An update to the estimates in the World Alzheimer Report 2015

There are over 50 million people with dementia worldwide as of 2020. An increasing proportion live in low and middle income countries. These estimates are based on the best currently available evidence as explained here.