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Good dementia care requires integrated health and long-term care services, enabling people with dementia and their carers to experience holistic support that meets their needs. The links below highlight our reports and research related to key roles in health and long-term care and how care can best be delivered.

Professionals supporting people with dementia and their families

Healthcare professionals & clinicians

Dementia is a complex and degenerative condition that requires a coordinated response along the clinical pathway; with general practitioners, nurses, specialist clinicians and occupational therapists, and palliative care teams, among others, providing care throughout all stages. Read More

Long term care professionals

Long-term care enables people living with dementia to live as independently as possible, for as long as possible. It also ensures that people with dementia and their families are supported through each stage of the condition, with a focus on dignity and quality of life. Read More

Health systems managers

Health systems managers provide the organisational, managerial, financial and legal expertise that enables health facilities such as hospitals and primary care practices to run effectively. Read More

Additional dementia sector support


Dementia research drives change and innovation in science, healthcare, technology, health economics, and policy. Whether it’s the race for a cure, the development of improved care interventions, or epidemiology – ADI is at the forefront of facilitating global research. Read More

Public health

Public health is about keeping populations healthy and improving longevity and quality of life, requiring a coordinated government response in collaboration with community and health organisations, civil society, and the general public. Read More