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Celebrating 40 years of ADI

This year, 2024 marks the 40th year of Alzheimer's Disease International and our work to secure a future that includes greater awareness of the condition, increased access to care, post-diagnostic support,and emerging treatments as well as a achieving a world without stigma. ADI invites our global community to celebrate with us on this momentous occasion with thanks to all who have been with us on this journey over four decades.

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ADI attends the WHO Executive Board: A week of advocacy in Europe and beyond

As the global voice on dementia, ADI has embarked on impactful week of advocacy in Europe and beyond. Attending the WHO Executive Board meetings in Geneva, a high level meeting of health ministries at OECD, Paris, and virtually joining the HGPI in Japan. With key members of ADI staff making multiple addresses to international bodies seeking to improve and strengthen policies that relate to dementia.

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