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ADI attends the WHO Executive Board: A week of advocacy in Europe and beyond

As the global voice on dementia, ADI has embarked on impactful week of advocacy in Europe and beyond. Attending the WHO Executive Board meetings in Geneva, a high level meeting of health ministries at OECD, Paris, and virtually joining the HGPI in Japan. With key members of ADI staff making multiple addresses to international bodies seeking to improve and strengthen policies that relate to dementia.

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Lived experience at the heart of innovation

ADI calls for lived experience to be central to innovation in the field of dementia diagnostics, treatment and care. In her short interview with Novartis, Paola Barbarino highlights key areas which innovators must consider when developing their products and service, from inception, to testing and ultimately bringing them to market; and reminds us not to forget that simple innovative changes can lead to great impact.

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Reflections on Brunei 2023

DY Suharya, Director of ADI Asia Pacific, and Shyh Poh Teo, Director of Demensia Brunei, reflect on the 2023 Asia Pacific Regional Conference as co-organisers of the event. 

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Losing & catching the threads

Paul Bebbington and Elizabeth Kuipers, two academics whose lives are now impacted by Paul’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, offer brave accounts of the day-to-day experiences of living with dementia and being a care provider in an initiative to reduce stigma.

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