ADI works at a global, regional and national level, including through our Asia Pacific Regional Office and partnerships with Alzheimer Europe and AIB.

ADI’s work is global, and we work with associations in all regions of the world. ADI has partnerships with regional organisations, in particular those below.


Alzheimer Europe

Alzheimer Europe is a non-profit non-governmental organisation, made up of 39 member associations from 35 countries, aiming to provide a voice to people with dementia and their carers, make dementia a European priority, promote a rights-based approach to dementia, support dementia research and strengthen the European dementia movement.

Alzheimer Europe website

Alzheimer Ibero América

Alzheimer Ibero América (AIB) is an international federation of Alzheimer’s associations and foundations, made up of full members in 21 Ibero-American countries.

AIB website

Asia Pacific

ADI established an Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO) in 2013. DY Suharya is the Regional Director of ADI’s APRO, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, focussing on capacity building, advocacy and outreach for the 20 member associations in the 4 sub-regions. She is working to foster collaboration among members, strengthening their capabilities and reaching out to non-member countries.

Regional meetings

ADI participates in meetings organised by Alzheimer Europe and Alzheimer Ibero América. We also work in partnership with member associations to organise regional meetings in Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Caribbean. In 2020, with our international conference and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, no meetings were organised. In 2019, we were involved in the organisation of five regional meetings, listed below.

  • Asia Pacific – Malaysia
  • Latin America – Ecuador
  • Sub-Saharan Africa – South Africa
  • Non-Latin Caribbean – Jamaica
  • Middle-East and North Africa – Lebanon