Eligibility request

Before beginning the process of applying for accreditation, ensure that you or your organisation meets the general eligibility.

Both members and non-members of ADI can apply to partake in the ADI accreditation programme. Non-members can include institutions, such such as universities, training colleges, and individuals, such as certified facilitators or long-term carers.

The ADI Global Review Panel (GRP) is responsible for examining all applications for accreditation.

The panel will examine criteria such as:

  • Is the organisation or applicant a member of ADI or associated with ADI?
  • The good standing/credibility of the ADI member, organisation or individual
  • Has an ethos that reflects ADI’s core principles
  • Has strong links with local and national dementia organisations
  • Can sufficient stability be demonstrated in the following sectors of the organisation, in order for training programmes to be supported?
    • Governance
    • Structure
    • Management
    • Budget
    • Resources
    • Training programme design, development and delivery

Download the eligibility request form

Read the ADI Accreditation Guidance and Process document

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