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Tackling dementia requires a truly global and local effort. We support and work with Alzheimer and dementia associations in 120 countries, as well as people living with dementia, carers and all relevant organisations to help raise awareness, challenge stigma and to call for dementia to be the global health priority it needs to be.

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World Alzheimer's Month Highlights

For global insights on reducing dementia risk, you can read up on the highlights from September's campaign in our article 'World Alzheimer’s Month 2023: tangible steps to risk reduction'. In this piece, you can find direct links to the 2023 World Alzheimer Report, a video address from ADI Ambassador Princess Muna Al Hussein, and our closing video celebrating a full month of action across the world.

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World Alzheimer Report 2023

This journalistic style report focuses on reducing the risk of dementia and offers a truly global insight into the ways in which dementia risk factors are experienced around the world.

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From Plan to Impact VI

The sixth From Plan to Impact report provides a critical update on progress, barriers and potential solutions around the WHO Global Action Plan.

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World Alzheimer Report 2022

This report follows up from the World Alzheimer Report 2021 and examines the many areas of consideration around post-diagnosis support for people living with dementia and carers.

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Advice for times of crisis and emergencies

This advice is for carers, humanitarian agencies, communities, people living with dementia and more during times of crisis.

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The 36th Global Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International

The 36th Global Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International will take place 24-26 April 2024, both in Kraków, Poland and online.

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We will not rest until dementia is properly acknowledged as the epidemic it is and addressed promptly and appropriately. By making a donation today you can make a real difference to people around the world coping with Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

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We can only rise to the challenges of dementia through by working in partnership, including with DAI, an independent self-advocacy organisation of people with dementia.

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