How do I receive accreditation?

An organisation or training programme receives ADI accreditation through a 4-step process.

Step 1. Eligibility Request

A formal application is submitted to ADI for consideration for accreditation. The application will include but is not limited to: information on the applying organisation or training programme, the type of training courses provided by organisation, the level of training, national and local context, and information on participants within each course.

Download the Eligibility Request Form

Step 2. Accreditation Visit

Following acceptance for the accreditation process, your organisation will be visited by a member of the ADI Global Review Panel (GRP) and will undertake a review. This review will include an assessment of your organisation and the training programmes offered.

In advance of the visit, a self-assessment report will be completed and sent to ADI by your organisation.

Step 3. Accreditation of organisation/training programmes

Following the review visit by the GRP, a member of the panel will write a report setting out the final assessment of the provider/training programme against the ADI standards, together with its recommendation regarding accreditation.

It should reflect the consensus opinion of all those on the panel. The recommendation will be for 3-year accreditation, 1-year accreditation, or no accreditation.

The final report will be presented at the next GRP meeting for ratification.

Step 4. Continuous review/on-going development

Your organisation will respond to or undertake any recommendations or suggestions set by the GRP from the review.

These recommendations and suggestions are intended to help your organisation further develop and enhance training programmes.

As part of the continuous review process, your organisation will be expected to provide annual updates to ADI. This will also facilitate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for carers and their trainers.

Step 5. Reaccreditation

To continue being an ADI accredited organisation or have ADI accredited training programmes, re-accreditation will normally be required every 4 years.

A re-accreditation visit will need to be formally requested by an organisation.

Read the ADI Accreditation Guidance and Process document

View the Accreditation process flowchart 

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