#WhatsYourPlan in the Caribbean region

Launched on 23 January, the regional campaign intends to put direct pressure on governments to implement National Dementia Plans.

The Caribbean is facing a crisis as forecasts predict a skyrocketing 155% increase in dementia cases by 2050. 

Despite these alarming prevalence rates, progress in the region has been slow, with only 16% of Caribbean territories having made any progress in developing National Dementia Plans (NDP) , most of which have inadequate funding.  

With dementia as the 3rd leading cause of death in the Americas, ADI and members in the Caribbean region are joining forces to urge the public and their governments to take urgent action on dementia through the #WhatsYourPlan campaign. 

Get involved  

The regional Caribbean #WhatsYourPlan campaign marks the first time that media and social media will be leveraged to place pressure on governments to act. 

As a part of this extension into the public arena, we intend to call on and encourage all of our members, friends and colleagues in the fields of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to lend their voices to the campaign and ask governments: #WhatsYourPlan?  

To increase pressure and add urgency to the calls for NDPs, we are asking everyone – in the region and beyond – to get involved by sharing and engaging with messages from ADI and the participating associations, using the #WhatsYourPlan hashtag to directly tag government bodies.  

In the region...

The prevalence of Alzheimer's disease and dementia is a growing as the population ages

  • Only 16%

    of countries and territories have made any NDP progress

  • 155%

    increases in people developing dementia by 2050

  • 740,000

    people who will be affected as result

Participating associations 

For this campaign, the following associations are taking part. We highly encourage anyone who would like to show support to follow their respective pages and accounts on social media, engaging with posts that correlate to #WhatsYourPlan.

Ask Ministries of Health: What’s your plan? 

We are also urging individuals living in the participating countries to reach out to their government and their Ministry of Health to express their worries about the absence of a NDP.

Join us in calling for urgent action on dementia. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those living with dementia in the Caribbean and beyond.