The #WhatsYourPlan campaign brings together ADI member associations, partners and stakeholders to advocate for National Dementia Plans (NDPs) in countries where there is no existing plan or where a plan has faltered or is not being implemented.

Despite the launch of the World Health Organization’s Global Action Plan on the Public Health Response to Dementia in 2017 , the primary objective of which being the implementation of National Dementia Plans, progress has been far too slow.  

Currently, only 39 out of 194 WHO Member States have national dementia plans, falling well short of the 75% target (146). With a globally ageing population, the development of new treatments and diagnostics, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, National Dementia Plans (NDP) are now more important than ever. 

The direct action #WhatsYourPlan campaign, launched in November 2021, aims to encourage governments around the world to develop, fund and implement NDPs in their countries. 

We believe that only through a collaborative approach with all stakeholders, including carers, people living with dementia and civil society organizations and expert, multidisciplinary teams can governments effectively develop robust NDPs. 

The campaign also seeks to bring renewed urgency to the issue and to hold governments accountable for their commitment to provide adequate diagnosis, treatment, research, care and support for those living with dementia. 

The campaign

We first work with ADI Members and partners to directly contact governments to determine the status of an NDP in their country.

For those who do not engage with the issue, social and traditional media featuring the hashtag #WhatsYourPlan, is leveraged to encourage governments to respond. As a part of this extension into the public arena, we intend to call on our members, friends and colleagues in the fields of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to lend their voices to the campaign. 

Since the launch of the campaign, there has already been some promising successes, including the Brazilian Senate unanimously passing the National Law of Care for People with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, and Costa Rica’s Consejo de Salud Mental committing to fund an NDP. 

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#WhatsYourPlan campaign progress

As of November 2021...

  • 52

    ADI member associations

    have joined the #WhatsYourPlan campaign.

  • 29

    meetings with Ministries of Health

    following 205 official ministerial communications.

  • 20

    WHO Member States

    have committed to developing a NDP, representing just over a third of all participating ADI Members.

#WhatsYourPlan in 2023 

As the campaign enters its second year, the mission and scope remain unchanged, but with added urgency as the deadline approaches.  

In early 2023, ADI and member associations will launch a regional #WhatsYourPlan campaign in the Caribbean, raising public awareness of NDPs and calling on governments in the region to share best practices for developing them. ADI will also co-host regional conferences in the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Caribbean for member associations in 2023, with the #WhatsYourPlan campaign and associated advocacy forming part of the meetings.

The campaign will also continue to expand to incorporate new ADI Members, while solidifying the successes of the previous year and advocating for Member States that have not yet committed to developing an NDP.  

ADI has maintained a strong working relationship with the WHO Head Office team in Geneva and has improved its links with the African Regional Office (AFRO) and the European Regional Office (EURO) regional advisors. ADI’s links with the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO) and Pan-American Health Association (PAHO) regional advisors remain strong, with PAHO being particularly supportive in providing advice and technical support for Member States in the region. ADI aims to strengthen its relationships with the South East Asia Regional Office (SEARO) and Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO) in 2023. 

Additionally, we will also continue to monitor and report on progress through our From Plan to Impact reports, with an update scheduled for the World Health Assembly in May 2022. ADI is exploring the possibility of organising further side events in the regional conferences of the WHO. 

Read From Plan to Impact V 

Get involved

There are several ways that individuals and organisations can show their support for the implementation of an NDP in their country, including writing to government representatives expressing support for an NDP and urging them to take action or sharing social media posts from ADI and members which feature the #WhatsYourPlan hashtag. 

For more information on how you can best show support, we encourage you to reach out to your national Alzheimer and dementia organisation.

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