Working with political decision makers and governments

This guide is intended for Alzheimer and dementia organisations who are trying to establish contact with political decision makers and governments.

This guide was put together for the World Alzheimer’s Month 2023 campaign but can be used by Alzheimer and dementia organisations, outside of World Alzheimer’s Month, who are trying to make contact or have established contact with governments and political decision makers. 

Versions in English, French and Spanish can be downloaded on the right-hand side of the page.

In this guide, you can read more about: 

  • Arranging meetings with governments or government officials
  • Best practices for meeting with government officials, including steps to take before, during and after a meeting
  • Raising public support around advocacy and public policy efforts

This guide may be of particular use to member associations taking part in the ongoing #WhatsYourPlan campaign which aims to galvanise the creation and implementation of National Dementia Plans.