Twinning programme

Our role is to connect ADI members to enable the most effective sharing of good practice. The Twinning programme offers a unique development opportunity for members.

We all know that strong relationships are key to shaping a thriving and resilient network. ADI’s role is to connect our members to enable the most effective sharing of good practice.

ADI Twinning is a unique development opportunity for ADI member organisations. The Twinnings are project-focussed and time-bound (short-term). Taking part in Twinning and focussing on a specific project helps member associations learn new skills, realise the organisation’s potential and develop valuable connections.

Examples of Twinning projects including: creating a newsletter, setting up a helpline, developing an online event, setting up a fundraising strategy, organising a Memory Walk.

Over the past few years, we have identified many associations face similar challenges. Some have managed to overcome these challenges and are willing to share their success stories and achievements with others.

Jackie Wong, who has been advising Demensia Brunei, volunteers:

The cause of dementia is a long and challenging journey. In it too is an understanding of the human spirit and camaraderie towards a common goal. We must learn how best to cope, manage, care and support one another. In learning from our own experiences, we can teach, and in teaching we can learn. And I am learning from a wonderful team in Demensia Brunei…

Indonesia and the Netherlands

The Twinning project between Indonesia and The Netherlands, that originally started in 2011, aims to improve collaboration and knowledge exchange. It was based on previous collaboration and received a substantial boost through funding from the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and technical advice and resources from Alzheimer’s Netherland. The main elements of this capacity building projects were:

  • knowledge transfer from science and practice
  • building a network of volunteers for Indonesia Netherlands
  • development of support activities of the Alzheimer Indonesia
  • organizing a public event in Indonesia (and Netherlands involving Diaspora)
  •  Dementia Care Training of Trainers program

The project helped a lot to leverage the work of Alzheimer Indonesia. In the Netherlands, it had an impact in better reaching out to the (large) Indonesian community and informing people about dementia.

All in all, it has strengthened the capacity and networking of two countries, which has also inspired other members to apply it, following the same model.