Advice and support during COVID-19: General advice and resources from Alzheimer associations

Advice and support during COVID-19 for people with dementia, their families, Alzheimer's and dementia associations, and care providers

What is this page for?

In response to the COVID-19 crisis ADI will be continually updating these web pages with advice, resources, case studies, tools and updates to help our network in their own responses.

For specific information relating to individual countries, please visit the websites of our members across 100 countries. Many of our members now have advice and support at national, regional and local levels on their website and many are continuing to run helplines, some with extended hours.

Older people, especially living with dementia, may become more anxious, angry, stressed, agitated, and withdrawn during the outbreak and it is easy to become overwhelmed with the scale and frequency of news updates. For those in quarantine these difficulties may be further exacerbated.

Whether you are a person living with dementia, a carer, a healthcare professional, or otherwise, we want to provide you with information that could help alleviate some of these challenges. We all need to provide and exchange practical and emotional support during this difficult time.

General resources

Resources from Alzheimer and dementia associations

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