First educational institution in Europe receives ADI Accreditation

Centre for Applied Dementia Studies at the University of Bradford becomes the first institution in Europe to receive the ADI Accreditation, marking a historic milestone for University of Bradford and ADI

A significant qualification was achieved by the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies at the University of Bradford, having successfully completed the ADI accreditation programme. Becoming the first institution in Europe to gain accreditation.  

This achievement demonstrates their steadfast dedication to elevating global dementia care standards. Paola Barbarino, CEO of Alzheimer’s Disease International, lauded the Centre for their role in the collective journey towards a future where every individual affected by dementia receives the compassion and quality care they rightfully deserve.  

The commitment of the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies is a beacon, inspiring others to prioritise the dignity and well-being of those living with dementia. We congratulate the Centre on this monumental achievement and in succeeding in the effort to shape a more compassionate world for dementia care.” – Paola Barbarino, CEO of Alzheimer’s Disease International 

Dr Ana Barbosa, Assistant Professor in Dementia Studies at the University, expressed that this accreditation is a testament to the Centre’s dedication to offering a deeply enriching and impactful experience for students and those with dementia. It also elevates the Centre’s profile, enhancing their opportunities for further collaborations, “We look forward to furthering our collaboration with Alzheimer’s Disease International and the future possibilities that lie ahead”.  



In June 2023, the ADI Global Review Panel visited the Centre, meeting staff, students, and community partners, including the invaluable Experts by Experience group. This group, consisting of over 100 individuals living with or caring for someone with dementia, spoke with immense pride and compassion about their work at the Centre, aiming to transform perceptions of dementia and influence healthcare practices. 

ADI Accreditation programme, launched in December 2020, marks a pivotal stride forward in the collective endeavour to enhance dementia care and education globally. This initiative, responding to a burgeoning demand for standardised, high-quality dementia training, sets a universal benchmark for Alzheimer and dementia associations and care providers. Its principal aim is to augment awareness and care for individuals with dementia, whilst diminishing disparities in care quality. Utilising a standards-based approach, applicants undergo rigorous evaluations to earn the ADI Accreditation, a testament to meeting global standards. Open to training and education providers globally. The programme emphasises sensitivity to global cultural contexts, encompassing people with dementia and their communities. 

The programme has already seen groundbreaking collaborations in 2021 and 2022, notably with the Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macao, Silverado Memory Care in California, USA and now, the Centre of Applied Dementia Studies at the University of Bradford, UK. Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, University of Tasmania, Australia is currently nearing completion of the Accreditation programme, with more updates soon to follow. 



The growing global emphasis on dementia as a priority health issue is evident in policies such as the aging policy launched by the Macau SAR government in 2016, which includes the development of a dementia care services network. Professor Van Iat Kio, President of Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau, highlighted the escalating need for dementia care training in the region. “ Dementia has become a global priority health issue in response to the increasing dementia population. The Macau SAR government launched an aging policy in 2016, which includes the construction and improvement of the dementia care services network in Macau”. In alignment with Macau’s governmental policy, their ADI accreditation could not be more timely. 

Professor Karen Windle, Acting Director of the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies, appreciated the ADI Accreditation process, remarking “the way all approached the process; your supportive questioning and feedback made the ADI Accreditation a simply wonderful experience. It also enabled the CfADS team some (much needed) space to look back at the work that they’ve done as well as forward to what we want to achieve”  

Silverado, also part of the ADI Accreditation family, is dedicated to revolutionising dementia care. Loren Shook, co-founder, president, CEO, and chairman of Silverado, emphasised their ongoing commitment “Our goal is to change the world of dementia care by providing excellent training materials which focus on person-centered care. As a part of the ADI Accreditation family, we look forward to continuing improving the lives of people with dementia and their loved ones, in the months and years to come.”  

The ADI Accreditation programme signifies more than recognition of excellence; it is a catalyst in the worldwide effort to advance dementia care and education. By establishing a quality standard and fostering collaboration and ongoing improvement, the programme is instrumental in growing together and collaborating for a future where individuals with dementia receive the compassionate, high-quality care they deserve. 

Our accreditation programme is open to centres of care provision, educational institutions, as well as our global network of member associations. Follow the links below for more information on how you can begin your accreditation journey.

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