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Guide for using World Alzheimer Report 2020 in national dementia plans

This guide, developed by the co-lead authors of the World Alzheimer Report 2020, has been created to assist those using the World Alzheimer Report 2020 as a source for including the design of the built environment in national dementia plans.

This guide has been developed by Richard Fleming, Kirsty Bennett and John Zeisel, co-lead authors of the World Alzheimer Report 2020.

The aim of the guide is to assist those who are seeking to incorporate dementia-related design into the creation of new or already existing national dementia plans. Within the guide, the authors outline the areas in national dementia plans where the designed environment may add a crucial component. Where applicable, the guide then links the reader to the corresponding areas of the World Alzheimer Report 2020 for more details.

According to the co-lead authors, the most effective way to utilise the guide is to first read through the guide in its entirely, followed by exploring each hyperlink to its source, so as to get a sense of the document in its entirety.

For those who want a “quick and easy, yet meaningful way to include reference to the physical environment in a national dementia plan”, the authors have developed a Manifesto which can be inserted in its entirety directly into a national dementia plan as a separate section.

For ease of use, we recommend downloading this guide and using it as a standalone document. In that format the hyperlinks will take the reader directly to the relevant sections in the report and by pressing the Alt and ← keys together will take the reader back to their position in the Guide.

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World Alzheimer Report 2020 cover

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