Forgotten in a Crisis Report Cover

Forgotten in a crisis: Addressing dementia in humanitarian response

This report provides an in-depth analysis of dementia in humanitarian settings.

This report provides the first analysis of dementia in humanitarian settings. The report analyses existing tools and guidelines which mandate inclusive support for people at risk, concluding that better implementation of such tools is sorely needed for people with dementia in humanitarian settings.

One in every 70 people around the world is impacted by crisis and urgently needs humanitarian assistance and protection. More people are being displaced by conflict, food insecurity is rising and due to climate change, natural disasters are becoming more frequent.

People with a so-called ‘hidden’ disability like dementia can be left behind in receiving humanitarian assistance and protection if those responding do not ’see’ their condition.

While there are guidelines in place to mandate inclusive support for people at risk, they are rarely being implemented for people with dementia and do not currently go far enough to meet their needs.

The report, produced by ADI, Alzheimer’s Pakistan and Global Alzheimer’s & Dementia Action Alliance, calls on governments and humanitarian actors to recognise the unique needs of people with dementia, before, during and after emergencies. Many of the solutions exist already and through collaboration it can be ensured that no one is left behind in an emergency because of their dementia.

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