Dementia & rights: from principles to practice

This webinar from Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) and Dementia Alliance International (DAI) looks at key issues and principles surrounding human rights and dementia.

On 27 February 2020, Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) held a joint webinar with our partner organisation Dementia Alliance International (DAI): ‘Dementia & rights: from principles to practice’. The 75-minute global webinar saw a panel of experts across multiple disciplines addressed key issues and principles surrounding human rights and dementia and discussed how these important concepts can be translated into mobilisation and practice.

The aim of the webinar was to put “principles into practice” and address the question of “how can I get involved?”

The panel consisted of:

  • Paola Barbarino, CEO, Alzheimer’s Disease International (panel co-chair)
  • Kate Swaffer, Chair, CEO and Co-founder of Dementia Alliance International (panel co-chair)
  • Suzanne Cahill, Author of ‘Dementia and human rights” and Honorary Professor in Dementia Care at NUI Galway Centre for Economic and Social Research on Dementia, Ireland
  • Silvia Perel Levin, Representative of the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA) to the UN, Geneva; Chair, Geneva NGO Committee on Ageing
  • Mary Beth Wighton, Chair & Co-founder Ontario Dementia Advisory Group and Dementia Advocacy Canada; Member of Federal Ministerial Advisory Board on Dementia
  • LiYu Tang, Secretary General, TADA, Chiniese Taipei
  • Jim Pearson, Director of Policy & Research, Alzheimer Scotland

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