Dementia Friendly Community Resources

Read more about the principles around dementia friendly communities, as well as guidance around the development of dementia friendly communities.

Here you can find two publications produced by ADI around dementia friendly communities.

The first publication, Dementia friendly communities: Key principles, sets out the principles and the resources available to guide the development of dementia friendly communities. It was launched at the ADI conference in April 2016.

The second publication, Dementia friendly communities: Global developments, describes the development of dementia friendly communities around the world, and includes examples from many countries.

Being dementia friendly is not about charity, nor does it lessen the responsibilities of governments to act as comprehensively as they are able to meet and to exceed the targets of the WHO Global action plan on dementia. Rather, it is an affirmation of the rights of people with dementia by giving effect to those rights in the everyday lives of our communities. Glenn Rees, ADI Chair