We need to hear about your experience of post-diagnosis for the World Alzheimer Report 2022

If you are living with dementia, a carer, clinician, formal (paid) health or long-term care practitioner, we need to hear about your experience of post-diagnosis for the World Alzheimer Report 2022.

In a critical follow up to the World Alzheimer Report 2021, ‘Journey through the diagnosis of dementia’ and alongside McGill University,  our World Alzheimer Report 2022 will explore the crucial topic of post-diagnosis support. Similar to last year’s report, this World Alzheimer Report will be composed of expert essays and case studies of existing and emerging interventions to support people living with dementia and their carers.  

Chris Lynch, ADI Deputy CEO and Director of Policy, Publications & Communications said: “The importance of post-diagnosis support cannot be underestimated. It is vital that we capture the lived experience of people living with dementia and carers, alongside the experiences of healthcare practitioners, long-term care practitioners and clinicians in these surveys.”

The invaluable information we gather will help shape future post-diagnosis support models around the world, with the aspiration to influence governments to commit to robust, person-centred post-diagnosis support.

In order to place the experience of real people at the centre of the report, we are launching our World Alzheimer Report 2022 survey. We want to learn from the experience of health and long-term care practitioners who provide care, as well as supplement the essays and case studies with up-to-date experience from people living around the world.

There will be three surveys, including one for people living with dementia, one for carers and one for clinicians and formal (paid) health and long-term care practitioners.   

Each survey takes roughly 10 minutes to complete and is currently available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Arabic.. To change the survey to your preferred language, select from options of languages in the right-hand corner on the survey page.

The survey has been extended until 20 June so we please ask that you share with any friends, family members, acquaintances or networks that this may apply to. 

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