The 36th Global Conference of ADI – marking 2024 as a year of global insights, innovations and inspirations

In April 2024, the world's longest-running global conference on Alzheimer's disease and dementia came to Kraków, Poland, to provide the latest insights, innovations and inspirations on dementia over three days, six plenary sessions, 29 parallel sessions and eight symposiums to over 1000 delegates representing over 100 countries.

In April 2024, the Alzheimer’s Disease International conference, the longest-running global gathering on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, brought together over 1,000 delegates from more than 100 countries in Kraków, Poland. Over three days, the conference featured six plenary sessions, 29 parallel sessions and eight symposia, providing a comprehensive exploration of the latest advancements and strategies to address dementia.

A highlight of the conference was the participation of royal ambassadors Her Majesty Queen Sofía of Spain and Her Royal Highness Princess Muna Al Hussein of Jordan. Their presence underscored the international commitment to raising awareness and fostering global collaboration in tackling dementia. On the opening day, they joined other guests and world-leading experts in launching the event, which began with a symposium on advancing brain health, followed by Plenary 1 on diagnostic advancements and post-diagnostic support. Taking the stage to officially launch the conference were Her Majesty Queen Sofía of Spain; Her Royal Highness Princess Muna Al Hussein of Jordan; Wojciech Konieczny, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health, Poland; Zbigniew Tomczak, CEO of the Polish Alzheimer’s Association, our conference co-host; and Andrzej Pawlak, who spoke during the ceremony about his experiences as a person living with dementia.

ADI representatives on stage for this momentous occasion included CEO, Paola Barbarino and Vice Chair, Meera Pattabiraman, with the ceremony hosted by former Vice Chair of ADI, Andrew Ketteringham.

On the second day of the conference, Princess Muna, alongside Queen Sofía, also attended the ‘Models of Care and Quality of Life’ session chaired by Dr. Karen Harrison Dening of Dementia UK. This session highlighted innovative approaches to dementia care and included insights from William Yeates, a person living with dementia and a member of ADI’s Accreditation Global Review Panel.

The conference not only facilitated knowledge sharing among medical professionals, researchers, and policymakers but also integrated cultural expressions, such as the Bayanihan dance performed by delegates from the Asia-Pacific region, symbolizing solidarity and collective purpose.

Furthermore, ADI ensured that the insights shared were accessible beyond the physical venue. Sessions were recorded and are available on the virtual platform until 26 May 2024, allowing registered delegates worldwide to engage with the content and to learn from the shared insights, innovations, and inspirations.

The discussions throughout the conference emphasised the ongoing need for awareness, the reduction of stigma associated with dementia and the importance of inclusive community strategies. Speakers from diverse international backgrounds shared their experiences and the unique challenges faced in their local contexts, highlighting the global nature of dementia and the varied approaches needed to address it.

During the closing ceremony, it was announced that the next ADI Global Conference would be held in France in 2026. This announcement, made by Lorène Gilly of France Alzheimer & Maladies Apparentées, promised a continuation of the collaborative spirit and innovation showcased in Kraków.

“We are very proud and honoured to host the conference in two years and to welcome you all in France… where I hope that we will share, listen, and learn as we have in these past three days, because together we do make a difference.”

The ADI 2024 Global Conference in Kraków was an event that marked global collaboration and progress in addressing dementia, notably highlighted by the influential participation of Her Majesty Queen Sofía and Her Royal Highness Princess Muna, as well as international politicians and policymakers whose advocacy and dedication to the cause emphasised the critical role of global leaders in this field.

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