The virtual conference lobby of the 34th International Conference of ADI

ADI’s 34th international and 1st virtual conference opens

ADI 2020 will take place from Thursday, 10 December until Saturday, 12 December and feature over 1,500 delegates from around the world.

After months of preparation and overseas collaboration, ADI and our Singapore member, Alzheimer’s Disease Association, is proud to commence our first virtual global conference.

The 34th International Conference of ADI (ADI 2020) is taking place virtually from today, Thursday 10 December until Saturday 12 December. The theme of the conference, ‘Hope in the Age of Dementia’, is extremely poignant in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which has greatly affected the dementia community; from people living with dementia, their families and carers, to healthcare practitioners, researchers, volunteers and dementia associations, dedicated to supporting the 50 million people living with dementia.

People living with dementia are largely in the age group most likely to be affected; at risk of more severe symptoms of COVID-19; have faced difficult decisions around healthcare treatments and hospital admissions; are challenged by constantly changing regulations and have been impacted by social distancing measures and disrupted access to support, which has in some cases lead to cognitive decline and the need for further support.

As world governments prepare to allocate vaccines to the most vulnerable populations, they must prioritise people living with dementia, both in long-term care and in the community.

ADI 2020 will feature a roundtable plenary session on COVID-19 and dementia, addressing some of these key issues, and importantly showcasing some of the innovative global responses, providing inspiration and hope. Other sessions on dementia risk reduction, psychosocial support and rehabilitation, will offer hope in the age of dementia.

Other programme highlights include:

  • A symposium on design: Taking dementia related design from research into practice, stimulated by this year’s World Alzheimer Report and supported by British Land
  • Global Coalition on Aging and ADI: 30 Global cities – Dementia Innovation, supported by Lien Foundation
  • A Film showcase: ADI & ITN Productions film launch “Hope in the Age of Dementia”
  • A roundtable discussion: The global burden of dementia: a roundtable update on incidence, prevalence and cost

ADI 2020 will be an opportunity for the global dementia community to come together to share important updates and innovations in dementia policy, research and care from around the world. We look forward to welcoming 1,500 delegates from around the globe to engage in a variety of parallel sessions, symposia, workshops and presentations.

This year President Halimah Yacob of Singapore, Her Majesties Queen Sofia of Spain and Queen Silvia of Sweden and Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, Former President of Costa Rica are among the ambassadors for the conference. His Holiness Pope Francis has provided a welcome letter, conveying his best wishes for the conference.

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