ADI in Europe: ADI represented at vital events in Sarajevo, Stockholm, and Ljubljana

ADI is sharing a round-up of our recent action in Europe, on advocacy and research, with ADI Board Vice Chair, Meera Pattabiraman, and ADI Director of Research and Publications, Wendy Weidner. Both taking part in vital dialogues in June 2024. 

ADI is sharing a round-up of our recent action in Europe, on advocacy and research, with ADI Board Vice Chair, Meera Pattabiraman, attending the 2024 International Congress on dementia (iCoDem/24 ) held in Sarajevo, Bosnia. In the same month, ADI Director of Research and Publications, Wendy Weidner, attended the official launch of the AD-RIDDLE programme in Stockholm, Sweden, followed by dialogues in Neurodegenerative Disorders and ADI Riddle in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

ADI Chair joins 2024 International Congress in Sarajevo, Bosnia 

From May 30th to June 1st, ADI Vice Chair Meera Pattabiraman attended the 2024 International Congress on Dementia (iCoDem/24) in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, organised by Alzheimer Udruženje AiR – Alzheimer BiH. She addressed the global response to dementia, underscoring the importance of comprehensive dementia strategies. 

Key attendees included Dr. Enis Hasanović, Minister of Health of Canton Sarajevo; Admir Katica, Minister of Internal Affairs in Canton Sarajevo; and Adnan Delic, Minister of Labour and Social Policy in the Federal Government. These leaders endorsed the necessity of a dementia plan, with the Canton of Sarajevo recently forming a Working Group dedicated to this cause. Dr. Osman Kučuk from Alzheimer’s Bosnia has been instrumental in pushing for a regional commitment, with hopes of developing a National Dementia Plan.

This year’s event spanning three days, featured lectures and workshops on crucial topics such as violence against people with dementia, healthy ageing, and palliative care;  gathering experts from across the region, including FBiH, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Slovenia, and Serbia, providing valuable insights and fostering collaboration. ADI would like to congratulate Dr. Osman Kučuk and Alzheimer’s Bosnia for hosting this highly successful congressional meeting.


ADI Director of Research joins AD-RIDDLE launch and Dialogues in  Neurodegenerative Disorders  

Exciting updates are happening across Europe in dementia treatment, care and support! June saw a significant gathering in Stockholm for the launch meeting of the AD-RIDDLE project, aiming to improve the detection, prevention, and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. 

The first consortium meeting was led by Miia Kivipelto and Niranjan Bose and brought together ADI alongside 23 other partner organisations, with attendees ranging from academic researchers and healthcare providers to pharmaceutical company representatives and biomarker test developers, demonstrating the power of collaboration across the sector towards innovation to improve diagnostics and post-diagnostic treatment.  

Highlights included dynamic discussions, introductions to clinical sites involved in the real-world study, and presentations on digital cognitive assessments and blood-based biomarkers.  

In the following days, Wendy travelled to Ljubljana, Slovenia, to attend the Dialogues in Neurodegenerative Disorders conference, during her visit, Wendy welcomed Slovenia’s new dementia strategy and commitment from President Musar and Minister of Health Valentina Rupel towards improving the lives of those living with dementia and their carers in the country , as well as supporting  ADI’s call to action for a 10 year extension of the Global Action Plan. 

ADI would like to thank the excellent support from our colleagues in Slovenia, Stefanija Zoblec from Spomincica Alzheimer Slovenia & Gorazd Drevenšek.