World Alzheimer Report 2010

The global economic impact of dementia

The World Alzheimer Report 2010 examines the global economic impact of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, as well as building on the findings of the World Alzheimer Report 2009.

The World Alzheimer Report 2010: The global economic impact of dementia provides the clearest, most comprehensive global picture of the economic impact of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia up until 2010.

The report includes an estimate of the worldwide cost of dementia, including direct medical costs, direct non-medical costs and costs of informal (family) care. The estimates are broken down by world region and include analysis of the differences between low- and high-income countries.

The report also contains important policy recommendations and makes clear to key decision-makers that doing nothing is not an option.


Some key recommendations include:

  • Governments and other major research funders should act now to increase dementia research funding, including research into
    prevention, to a level more proportionate to the economic burden of the condition
  • New investment in chronic disease care should always include attention to dementia
  • Governments must ensure that people with dementia are eligible to receive and do receive disability benefits, where such schemes are in operation

The content of the World Alzheimer Report 2010 was updated by the World Alzheimer Report 2015 based on new data.

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