*Lithuania* World Alzheimer’s Month Schedule of Events

You can find all the World Alzheimer’s Month activities taking place across Lithuania here.

Highlights include:

  • 14 September: “Dementia: What is it?” Seminar Discussion with Dr. Greta Pšemeneckienė (Lithuanian Health Sciences University)
  • 21 September: Virtual Conference “Dementia as a Public Health Priority: Early Diagnosis”
  • 21 September: Memory Walk in Panemunė Forest in Kaunas
  • 22 September: “The Father” (2020, F. Zeller) screening and discussion at the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius
  • 23 September: Virtual Discussion “Museums and Alzheimer’s: Meet a New Audience” with Cristina Bucci (Musei Toscani per Alzheimer), Eglė Nedzinskaitė (The National Gallery of Art), Ieva Petkutė (Dementia Lithuania) and Rūta Pagojienė (Alzheimer Day Centre)
  • 28 September: “Physical activity, sport and reducing the risk of dementia”: presentation by prof. Michael Hornberger and discussion with the experts of the Lithuanian Sport University.
  • 5 October: Virtual Discussion “Dance and Dementia: A Creative Process for Well-Being and Service Quality” with Magda Kaczmarska (The Global Brain Health Institute).
  • Buildings will also be lit up in purple in several cities across Lithuania!
  • Along with The National Gallery we are leading social media campaign “Blue Message” to raise awareness about dementia.

For further information, please contact Ieva Petkutė, Dementia Lithuania at: info@demencijalietuvoje.org