*Bosnia and Herzegovina* Knowledge to a better society

iCoDem/22 is the biggest and most important regional event in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has an educational role in increasing knowledge, promoting dementia as health priority and gathering all stakeholders for policy development related to dementia. This year, it is composed of panels and a dementia Master Class. Panels target all stakeholders from informal caregivers to non-medical and medical staff as well as policy makers, while the master class has an educational role for primary health care through raising the knowledge related to a timely diagnosis. The panel topics raise awareness on dementia in regional societies. Panelists will cover very important topics like: Psycho-pathology of caregivers, Family manipulations, Empowerment of the persons with dementia or experience of caregiver.  We’ll also discuss dementia through politics and collaboration in designing a dementia friendly society. Another important topic will also be the use of medication without harm and the abuse of antipsychotics and hypnotics.

For more information please contact Emina Kučuk, bih@demencija.org