TADA was founded by Chen Rong-Chi in 2002 and has been a member of ADI since 2005.

The association is based in Chinese Taipei.

The organisation is proud of amending their bylaws to include the human rights of people with dementia. They have created an advisory group and paid attention to various issues including financial security, traffic rights, labour rights, etc. They have also developed many ‘Schools of Wisdom’ (cognitive intervention module designed for people with mild dementia), as well as 500 Support Centres for People with Dementia and their Families (SPDF) across the country. They strive to promote dementia-friendly organisations and communities, including stores, medical units, churches, banks, MRT, buses, police, workplaces, etc.

Some of the services provided by the association include:

  • Caregiver meetings
  • Counselling
  • Dementia Care Training
  • Educational events
  • Helpline
  • Meaningful engagements/activities
  • Memory Cafes
  • Newsletter
  • Resources (fact sheets, reading materials)
  • Seminars/Webinars/Workshops
  • Support groups
  • Training for carers