Confederación Española de Familiares de Enfermos de Alzheimer (CEAFA)

The Confederación Española de Asociaciones de Familiares de personas con Alzheimer y otras demencias (CEAFA) was born in 1990 from the union of two associations: The Association of relatives of Alzheimer’s patients of Barcelona and the Association of relatives of Alzheimer´s patients of Madrid. CEAFA has been a member of ADI since 1992.

The association is based in Pamplona, Spain. CEAFA is made up of 19 member entities (one for each Autonomous Community, including the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla) that bring together 320 local associations of relatives of Alzheimer’s patients and other dementias.

The organisation is proud of having been involved in the preparation of the National Plan for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia through participation in the STATE DEMENCIES GROUP, promoted by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare through the IMSERSO and coordinated by the State Reference Center for the care of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, assessing and taking into account, where appropriate, contributions made by different Ministerial departments, Autonomous Communities and social agents.

CEAFA is also a member of Alzheimer Europe and Alzheimer Iberoamerica, which is made up of 20 associations across the Caribbean, Latin America and Spain.

Some of the services provided by the association include:

  • Counselling
  • Educational events
  • Meaningful engagements/activities
  • Newsletter
  • Resources (fact sheets, reading materials)
  • Seminars/Webinars/Workshops