Asociación Lucha contra el Mal de Alzheimer (A.L.M.A.)

Asociación Lucha contra el Mal de Alzheimer (A.L.M.A.) was founded by Dr Carlos Mangone and Sra Ana Baldoni in 1989 and has been a member of ADI since 1990.

The association is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Café con A.L.M.A is a series of workshops (online and in-person) for family members of people living with dementia. The organisation also hosts workshops around cognitive stimulation, music therapy and movement for people living with dementia.

Some of the services provided by A.L.M.A. include:

  • Counselling
  • Caregiver meetings
  • Educational events
  • Helpline
  • Memory cafés
  • Meaningful engagements/activities
  • Newsletter
  • Seminars/Webinars/Workshops
  • Support groups