Alzheimer’s Association Lebanon

Alzheimer’s Association Lebanon (AAL) was founded by Diane Mansour and Nabil Naja in 2004 and became a member of ADI the same year.

AAL is based in Beirut, Lebanon.

The association works closely with the Ministries of Health and Social Affairs – both ministries now recognise Alzheimer’s disease as an essential disease, cover its treatment and offer help. It aims to raise awareness and provide education about the disease to the medical community, family members and the community at large. They have a 24/7 free hotline as well as day care programmes.

Some of the services provided by the association include:

  • Caregiver meetings
  • Counselling
  • Day Care
  • Dementia Care Training
  • Educational events
  • Helpline
  • Meaningful engagements/activities
  • Resources (fact sheets, reading materials)
  • Seminars/Webinars/Workshops
  • Support groups
  • Training for carers