Reports & resources

Reports, publications and resources that Alzheimer's Disease International has produced, including our World Alzheimer Report. You can also find our webinars, factsheets, booklets and previous Global Perspective newsletters here.

World Alzheimer Report 2009

The global prevalence of dementia

The first World Alzheimer Report is a global prevalence study of dementia which examines the levels of mortality, disability and strain on carers, as well an extensive overview of dementia.

How to develop an Alzheimer’s association and get results

Creating an Alzheimer’s association is the most efficient way to achieve help for the largest possible number of people. An association helps to co-ordinate, guide and advise local activities. Once an organisation is up and running, it raises public awareness which leads to increased resources for both care and…

Starting a self-help group

The aim of this booklet is to help you start and run a self-help group for caregivers of people with dementia. Such a group can offer support to caregivers as well as to other members of the family or friends who are also affected. One of the…