World Alzheimer Report 2022: Report launch and panel discussion

This year's World Alzheimer Report will centre on post-diagnosis support through a series of expert essays, case studies and shared global experiences from those living with dementia and carers.

This event has now passed.

The annual report will confront what is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the global dementia community today and will examine areas around planning, delivery, innovation, gaps, barriers and solutions.

Levels and quality of post-diagnosis support vary widely across the world, and the evident gaps in provision are leaving many people living with dementia, their carers and family members, without much needed support and services.

However, there are also exemplar models emerging in some countries, which the report will further examine by shining a light on innovations across the sector and offering solutions to what is an incredibly complex and challenging area.

The report launch webinar will include a number of the report’s lead authors, including Dr Serge Gauthier and former carer Claire Webster from McGill University, Montreal. We will also hear testimonies of the lived experiences from people living with dementia, as well as from a number of authors of expert essays within the report.

During the panel discussion, we will be highlighting the report’s key findings and recommendations, and asking how the post-diagnosis experience worldwide can be radically improved, particularly in line with Action areas 4 and 5 of the WHO’s Global action plan on dementia.

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