*Barbados* Sleepwear for persons with Dementia and other products

The launch will take place at the Barbados Alzheimer’s Association’s monthly meeting at St. Paul’s Anglican Church Hall.

The idea of the products came about due to the lack of sponsorship funds from corporations during the COVID-19 pandemic. This pushed the association’s President to utilise her skills to create and develop products specifically for the association in order to raise funds, with the hope of becoming financially independent from companies.

The sleepwear was designed to meet the needs for the elderly and people living with dementia – as there are no buttons, no zippers, can be easily opened from the front or back with velcro. A pyjama line is also being developed for men.

For further information, please contact Pamelia Brereton, Barbados Alzheimer’s Association at bardosalzheimersassociation@caribsurf.com.