10th CEAFA Alzheimer’s National Congress

The 10th CEAFA Alzheimer's National Congress takes place 8-11 November 2023, in Gijón, Spain.

Under the motto “Integrating innovation” issues will be addressed that are not taken into account on a regular basis but that have a direct impact on care for people who live with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. However, issues such as research, the political situation and the protection of people, the experiences and good practices in the care offered by the associative fabric, etc. will not be forgotten.

This tenth edition of the CEAFA Alzheimer’s National Congress is conceived with the following objectives:

  • Update knowledge and information that affect dementia.
  • Share experiences and good practices among professionals, family members, volunteers and people with dementia.
  • In short, advancing in the compilation of knowledge regarding the comprehensive approach to Alzheimer’s.

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