World Alzheimer’s Month

World Alzheimer's Month is the international campaign from Alzheimer's Disease International that takes place every September.

Every September, people come together from all around the world to raise awareness and to challenge the stigma that persists around dementia. September 2022 marks the 11th year of this vital global awareness raising campaign.

21 September also marks World Alzheimer’s Day. For ADI, World Alzheimer’s Day typically coincides with the launch of our World Alzheimer Report. In 2022, our report will focus on post-diagnosis.

The 2021 campaign shone a light on the warning signs of dementia, encouraging people to seek out information, advice and support, as well as contacting the Alzheimer’s or dementia association in their country.  

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How do I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved with World Alzheimer’s Month, whether it be sharing messages on social media or attending events and activities put on by your local Alzheimer’s association. No action is too small.

Each September, we call on everyone, from individuals to large organisations, including every Alzheimer’s and dementia association globally, to support World Alzheimer’s Month by getting involved and sharing our messages on social media.

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We couldn’t achieve all that we do during World Alzheimer’s Month without the kind and ongoing support of our sponsors.


World Alzheimer’s Month Champions

Biogen and Roche

World Alzheimer’s Month Partners

Janssen Neuroscience, Otsuka America Pharmaceutical and Novo Nordisk

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